Saturday, March 31, 2012

Configuring RAID 1 (Mirroring) on the 2011 Mac Mini Server

  1. When booting the Mac Mini for the 1st time, hold the "T" key down to force the unit into Target Disk Mode 
  2. Connect a laptop via Firewire 800 cable 
  3. Open Disk Utility on the laptop 
  4. Select the primary Macintosh HD mounted from the Mac Mini on your laptop HD in Disk Utility 
  5. Select New Image and change the type to Read Only and the save destination to your laptop's Desktop and start creating the image (approx 5-7 minutes) 
  6. When finished imaging, select each of the 500GB internal HD's and Erase leaving the name as the default 
  7. Select RAID and drag each of the Untitled HD's into the RAID window 
  8. Press the Options button at the bottom and put a check in the "Automatically rebuild RAID mirror sets" and leave the RAID Block Size: at 32K 
  9. Press Create RAID and wait till finished (~30 seconds) 
  10. Select Images from the top pull-down and then Scan Image of Restore… 
  11. Select the image of the Macintosh HD from step 4 on the Desktop to prepare it for the restore 
  12. Press Restore at the top right and drag the new RAID volume into the Destination box 
  13. Select the Browse… button to the right of the Source and select the Macintosh HD image you just scanned for restore 
  14. Select Restore and press Continue at the warning box 
  15. When the restore is finished, quit Disk Utility and drag the Macintosh HD Firewire mount to the trash to disconnect it from Target Disk Mode 
  16. Push the power button on the Mac Mini Server to shut it off and pull off the Firewire 800 cable 
  17. Restart the Mac Mini Server and begin the Setup Assistant process

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