Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogs every Mac admin should know about

Musings of an Apple Systems Administrator
A blog about the day to day tasks of a systems administrator. A how to guide and user tell all about OSX Server systems issues and challenges.
Mac Admin CornerGeneral IT and Mac administration ramblings
Charles Edge has written many Mac Server Books including the Enterprise Mac Administrator’s Guide and Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server: From Solo Install to Enterprise Integration. Charles also frequently updates his blog over at
Very interesting to read, he has a great writing style.
Managing OS X
Greg is one of the top contributors and well respected guru’s on many of the Mac lists. He has written many useful articles including MCX, dslocal, and Leopard and managing Office 2008 with MCX, and much more.
Intelligent posts, great to read.
One of the most well known Mac IT sites, run by a couple Apple SE’s (I don’t remember their exact titles), this site is also home to a couple useful tools including InstaDMG and KeyMinder. Their forums are also pretty lively. Summarizing everything this site, and the next one on the list would require entire articles.
Unflying Object
He claims it’s not a blog, but it sure looks, smells and tastes like one to me. Useful posts too.
Mostly IT corporate related news, their Mac section occasionally posts some interesting commentary.
Ryan Faas, the author of iPhone for Work: Increasing Productivity for Busy Professionals (Books for Professionals by Professionals) and other books is a regular columnist at ComputerWorld.
Explanatory Gap 
Nigel Kersten was a sysadmin with Google and a Mac wiz to say the least.
Originally, this site is the combined efforts of several businesses as well as higher education instututions to provide a central repository of collaborations. I’m not sure it’s considered a “blog” but it’s worth making the list anyway. Best known for their [usually] monthly webcasts as well as the mailing list.

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